Bouchard Genealogy

Claude Bouchard dit Dorval, the son of Claude and Marie Fermery, came to Quebec from Montigny-Lengrain, ar. and ev. Soissons, Picardie, France. Around 1650, he married Geneviève Hayot, the daughter of Thomas and Jeanne Boucher, but she died in childbirth in March of 1851. In November of the same year, he married Marguerite Bénard, and they had seven children. This file is about 13K in size, and includes 164 people. Last updated March 7, 1998.

Claude Bouchard dit Le Petit Claude married Louise Gagné, daughter of Louis and Marie Michel, on 25 May 1654 at Beaupré (registered at Québec). He was from St-Côme-de-Vaair, ar. Mamers, ev. Le Mans, Maine, France. File size is about 29K, 404 people. Last updated March 7, 1998.

Clément Bouchard, of Antilly-les-Marais, ar. and ev. La Rochelle, Aunis, France, did not come to Canada. He and his wife Louise Boilardon or Brillard were the parents of two sons, Michel and Nicolas, who came to Quebec and founded families. File size: about 84K, 1218 people. Last update: March 7, 1998.

Etienne Bouchard was the son of Pierre and Nicole Charland. He came to Quebec in 1653 from St-Paul, Paris, France, and married Marguerite Roussel, the daughter of Jacques and Marie Éripel.

Guillaume Bouchard, son of Laurent and Nicole Bourguignon, married Françouise Benard, the widow of Marin Janot. This couple had only one child, a daughter Marie who married Jean Griveau in 1686.

René Bouchard, born in Angers, France, married in Port-Lajoie, PEI, Marie-Josephe Cyr, the daughter of Louis and Marie-Josephe Michel. This is a tiny file, only 30 people, last updated January 21, 2003.

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