Bouchard Research Problems

Listed below are Bouchards or spouses of Bouchards who need to be connected to their families. I have listed them in alphabetical order by the husband's name, since that's how most of our sources are ordered. When no question is specified, that means I need parents for both spouses. When a woman is listed as M or M-, that is always Marie. Likewise, J-B is always Jean-Baptiste.

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  1. Alexander-Clément BELANGER m 1847 Marg BOUCHARD, conn her
  2. Charles BOUCHARD find marr to Sophie PLOURDE 1882, get her mother
  3. Clement BOUCHARD m c 1822 Priscille CHASSE, conn him
  4. Jean-Baptiste BOUCHARD m 1788 Ursule TREMBLAY, conn her
  5. J-B BOUCHARD m Victoire LAMY-ORESTEILLE 1777, conn her
  6. Jean-Noel BOUCHARD m 1780 Mad SIMARD, conn her
  7. Percy BOUCHARD m c 1931 Marie-Sadie SMART, conn him
  8. René BOUCHARD m 1753 M-Jos CYR, conn him
  9. Sophie BOUCHARD, find par's Jac & Cath MIGNAULT, m c 1800
  10. Jn/Jos MORIN & Agnes BOUCHARD, St-T Mont, find birth c 1723/4 of dau M-Mad

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