Internet Sources for French-Surname Genealogy

French-Canadian Sites

(This page was originally created 15 years ago and was badly outdated. It is being gradually updated with more correct information.)

  • The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) home page can be accessed at There's a calendar of NEHGS events, on-line Circulating Library catalog and request form, etc. plus links to places like the Public Record Office of England and Wales, Nat'l. Archives of Canada, Ireland, U.S., Library of Congress, NGS, and more.

    Acadian Sites

    Québec Sites

    Sites for French-Canadians in Maine

    If you are working with the US census from 1850 through 1880 in Maine, you owe it to yourself to check out this fabulous website: The Upper St. John River Valley. They have a ton of fascinating information and lots of useful links, but here's the amazing thing: they have transcribed the old faded census sheets and corrected all the names, so you can actually find your ancestors, even though the census takers wrote Herbert for Bard and Gorneo for Gagnon. Check it out, and you'll be really pleased.

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