Before you send that message...

If you are looking for help in a specific area or for a specific family, please be aware that I only know what I have already posted. PLEASE don't send me a request for information unless you have (1) read Getting Started and (2) visited your local Family History Center. That's where I get almost all my information, and you can get it, too. I know it may be an hour's drive away--that's what I've mostly had to do, but it's worth it.

I can't answer any question about a non-covered family (see the list on the Home Page) by e-mail, but in this case I will try to find a marriage for you for a fee. Please be aware that I can rarely find marriages that occur outside of Quebec, New England, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Louisiana.

Every week I get dozens of e-mails from people looking for Pinels in Minnesota or Laforges in Ontario. I simply don't know anything about that, and it wastes a lot of my time to reply, saying what I've already posted on the Web site: I can't help. I love replying to questions that I can answer, but I sure get frustrated with the other kind. Please DO ask for my help on any of the surnames covered on this Web site.

Please also let me know if you think I've left out something important from the Getting Started page. Any other criticisms, compliments, or comments about the content of the site are most welcome.

Please e-mail me with any comments or new information.

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