French-Canadian History and Genealogy

Dit Names

Many of our French-Canadian ancestors used an additional surname, besides the one their parents used. If your ancestor has a surname that had a dit name associated with it, you need to know this to find all the marriages and births you are looking for.

Bard Genealogy

Jean Bard, son of Guillaume and Catherine Bechet, came to Québec from Gardegan, in Bordeaux, Guyenne. The Bard family, sometimes dit Jeanbard, is quite small. Last updated May 1, 1997, it includes 208 people and is 12K in size.

Bouchard Genealogy

Bouchard ancestors included Claude Bouchard dit Dorval; Claude Bouchard dit le Petit Claude; Michel and Nicolas, the sons of Clément Bouchard; Etienne Bouchard; and Guillaume Bouchard.

Couture Genealogy

The earliest Couture immigrant was Guillaume, who was born in Rouen, Normandy in 1617. He came to Quebec, where all his children were born. They then settled in Ile-d'Orleans, Lauzon, and Beaumont. Last updated February 25, 1999, this file contains 2064 people and is 131K long.

Fournier Genealogy

Their were four Fournier immigrants who had children that lived long enough to marry. Descendancies are provided here for two of them.

Guillaume Fournier, son of Gilles and Noëlle Gageut, came to Québec from Coulmer, ar. Argentan, Normandie, France. Nicolas Fournier came from St-Étienne, of Marans, ar. and ev. La Rochelle, Aunis, FRA, the son of Hugues and Jeanne Huguette.

Gagnon Genealogy

We have two Gagnon ancestors: Pierre and Robert.Last updated November 17, 1997, Robert's page has 1957 people and is 115K long.

Hudon\Beaulieu Genealogy

Pierre Hudon dit Beaulieu was born in Angers, Anjou, France circa 1647. He married Marie Gobeil in 1676. The Hudon genealogy page is about 232K and 3965 people, last updated August 20, 1998.

Plourde Genealogy

René Plourde, son of François and Jeanne Gremillion, came to Québec from St-Pierre, Poitiers, Poitou, France and was married in 1697 in Rivière-Ouelle to Jeanne-Marguerite Bérubé. This family is even smaller than the Vaillancourts. On the Plourde page you can see the descendancy of François Plourde and a few Plourde research problems. Size: 261K, 4100 people. Last updated: February 22, 1997.

Vaillancourt Genealogy

Robert Vaillancourt was baptised at St-Nicholas d'Aliermont, Normandy, France on 3 October 1644. He arrived in Canada around 1665. Today, his descendants might be named Vaillancourt or Smart. This is not a very large family, considering how early it was established in Canada. But it's my grandmother's line, and so I try to gather all possible information on the Vaillancourts. On the Vaillancourt page, you will find Robert's Descendancy List as well as a more information on this family. Last updated: January 17, 2013.



On-line access to genealogical information is exploding. It's not always the quickest, cheapest, or most accurate source of information, but it may be the most fun. I'm listing the electronic sources I think are most useful. If I miss any important sites or any important services at any sites, please do let me know.

Libraries and Research Centers

If you hope to do any serious research on your family roots, you're going to have to have access to some hard-copy resources. See the Resource page for some places to do your research.


The sources you will use most often are divided into three types: genealogical dictionaries, which contain marriages for many surnames and many places; marriage repertoires, which contain marriages for many surnames in just one place; and family genealogies, which have marriages for just one surname in many places.