Gagnon Genealogy

Pierre Gagnon did not come to Canada. However, after he died, his widow, Renée Roger, came to Qué with their sons Mathurin, Jean and Pierre. This page is about 230K in size, with 3995 people, last updated January 23, 2003.

Robert Gagnon was born at Ste-Madeleine of La Ventrouze, Tourouvre, ar. Mortagne, Perche, France, the son of Jean and Marie Geffray. He married Marie Parenteau or Parentelle, the daughter of Antoine and Anne Brisson, on 3 Oct 1657 at Québec. This page has 3193 people in about 214K, last updated January 21, 2003.

Gagnon-Belzile Family Association

You may wish to contact the Gagnon-Belzile Family Association:

Les familles Gagnon et Belzile inc.
Case Postale 6700
Sillery (Québec) G1T 2W2

Henri Gagnon : 418-628-3513

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