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Robert Vaillancourt was baptised at St-Nicholas d'Aliermont, Normandy, France on 3 October 1644. He arrived in Canada around 1665. Today, his descendants might be named Vaillancourt or Smart. This is not a very large family, considering how early it was established in Canada. But it's my grandmother's line, and so I try to gather all possible information on the Vaillancourts.

I published Robert Vaillancourt's descendancy in 1999. Since then, I lost the computer containing all my documentation, and I've had to start over. So now there are two listings. One is the original from 1999. The other is my current data. Probably 90% of the people listed on the old list are on the new list, plus a whole bunch of new people. Check the new list first. But you'll find some people on each list that aren't on the other, so if you don't find your family in the new list, check the old one.

On the original Vaillancourt page, you will find Robert's Descendancy List as well as a list of Research Problems. Size: about 449K, 6251 people. Last updated: Feb 20, 1999.

On the new list, there are 12,703 people. Last updated Mar 25, 2013.

The Mystery of the Week

I'll post a page every week or so, with a Vaillancourt I can't connect. Please take a look and see if you can connect this person. If the parents are given, then I can't find their marriage. If no parents are given, then I don't even know their names. Mostly I'll be posting obituaries, since that's where I mostly find people I can't connect. And mostly they'll be in French. I'll add a translation to the page if it's in French. I'll keep them listed until they're solved, and if you can connect them, I'll credit you on this page.

January 18, 2013: Lorraine Vaillancourt Laverdière 1932-2011 - no parents listed

January 25, 2013: André Vaillancourt 1961-2011 - parents Jacques and Louise

February 9, 2013: Denyse Vaillancourt 1928-2011 - no parents listed

February 16, 2013: Bertrand Vaillancourt 1921-2012 - no parents listed

If you can solve a mystery posted here, just email me at the address below.

I'm planning to add to this page in the near future, beginning with some profiles and genealogies of some notable Vaillancourts. Some are well-known artists and politicians, others are notable for things they did or that happened to them that I think are interesting. I find that most of my friends and relatives think that genealogy is boring, and some of these stories may make them understand why it's really a fascinating study.

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